Video Depositions:

LSA has years of experience with deposition videography, and understands both state and federal requirements. Our videographers have recorded thousands of hours of deposition testimony. We only use professional equipment to get professional results.

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Sync’d Video:

We synchronize the transcript with the video to allow you to search the transcript and see the video simultaneously. This gives you the ability to edit the deposition based on the context of the testimony, not just the words on the transcript. Additionally, we store all depositions in our electronic repository providing clients with 24/7 access.

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Live Streaming:

LSA can live stream depositions from and to nearly any location.  Our Dallas facility is frequently used for Depositions, Arbitrations, Mock Trials and Focus Groups is fully equipped to stream live video to any location for remote viewing.

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Picture in Picture:

We can record the deposition while simultaneously showing the document on the screen. This allows the jury to see what the deponent is testifying about.

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