Trial Presenter

Litigation Services of America uses presentation techniques that are time tested to maintain the jury’s focus on your message. With nearly 400 trials and billions of dollars at stake, our presenters have worked with celebrity clients and high profile cases.

Our senior trial presenter has the experience to understand your trial strategy and the rules of the court. We support and pivot in real time with you as the case develops. Our unique ability to adapt to the changing case dynamics is what sets us apart from all other options. 

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War Room Setup

LSA’s Litigation Technicians and Venue Coordinators combine together to provide strategic support in preparation for trial.

Venue Coordination: Our experienced Coordinators will handle all of your onsite needs including Facility Search & Selection, War Room Space Planning, and more.

Technology: LSA’s Trial Technician will completely setup the war room to your specifications including Printers,Document Scanners, Workstations, and more.

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Expert Witness Testimony

With over 25 years of experience in video production and video editing, Kevin DeRita has testified as an expert witness in both federal and state courts.

His expert opinion on video footage has been elicited in over a dozen major cases. Mr. DeRita is considered a Key Opinion Leader in the video industry and has provided expert opinions dozens of topics.

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