Jury Research

Our jury consultants can handle everything from witness preparation and trial presentation to mock trials and shadow jury studies. Based off the large skill set required to handle these services,attorneys should really consider the consultants with the right experience.

Litigation Services of America partners with some of the best jury consultants in the industry that have no less than 20 years of experience. If you are considering jury research, consider LSA.

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Video Depositions

It's important to know that creating effective depositions is not just simply finding a camera and pressing record.

At LSA, we only use the most current technology and handle every deposition with the white glove service that you have come to expect and demand. The deposition team at LSA has spent over 25 years and 1000's of hours recording, cutting, editing, and producing depositions and know exactly what it takes to deliver the best possible quality. 

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Graphics Creation

Bringing your case to life is much more than an effective oral presentation. The best trial attorneys recognize the power of a beautifully done visual aid, and recognize the difference between a quick and simple graphic and one that is created with the proper time and attention. 

LSA offers a handful of dynamic ways to bring exhibits to life including timelines, graphs, powerpoints, etc and will work closely with you to create the visual trial graphics that complement, and enhance your case strategy.

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