“Customers want high quality at low prices, and they want it now”
-Bill Gates

The need for speed in conducting jury research was brought to light recently when a judge’s ruling suddenly changed the complexion of litigation and accelerated our research date. Our client knew she had to get the research completed and rapidly assembling a panel in the surrogate county was a top priority.

We understand the dynamic, ever-changing landscape of a case going to trial. You’re frequently under pressure to adapt your strategy and test the results amongst mock jurors. That’s because savvy consultants and attorneys know that your case strategy could drastically change based on a ruling, new information obtained or even by testing your original strategy with mock jurors. And being able to adapt to these changes quickly, and having confidence in your adjustments, has never been more important.

⦁ It provides attorneys the chance to test, adjust and re-test their trial strategy on mock jurors.

⦁ It gives detailed information and insight into the jurors’ potential attitudes about the client, defendant/plaintiff, case strategy, etc.

⦁ Further, it shows certain juror segments or “red flags” to avoid during jury selection.

By industry standards, research vendors typically require two weeks to put together a focus group or mock trial. But times have changed; the new standards CAN be 2-5 days when using the right vendor and strategy. Think of it as the difference between old-fashioned snail mail and today’s email. 

Speed can be a game changer!

In recent years, jury research has evolved to include a vast array of new digital technologies, including online mock trials, advanced video and graphics and real-time audience measurement systems. As such, a focus group or mock trial is even more beneficial as a tool for capturing and delivering the insights demanded by the complex and dynamic lifecycle of a case going to trial.

What has remained unchanged, however, is that the research must yield information that your clients can use — and fast. As Bill Gates surely would agree: Success belongs to the speedy. At Litigation Services of America, we can provide quick-turn mock trial projects in one week or less using Focus Groups on the Go™ and Pop-Up Focus Groups™.